IdjitCast Season One Episode 21 “Salvation”

This week, the final battle has begun. The Winchesters have tracked the next demon attack to Salvation, Iowa. However, as they finalize their plans to kill the demon that has tormented their family and so many others, they get a disturbing phone call. It is Meg, previously believed dead. She has embarked upon a campaign to kill everyone they have ever cared about, and she will only stop when the mystical Colt revolver is in her hands. John must attempt a subterfuge involving an ordinary antique, leaving the boys in Salvation to use the real Colt on the demon.

Listen in as:

Paul gets smooth, or rather will do, sometime in another 190-200 episodes…

Hey Listener! Do you have any examples of psychic visions causing headaches prior to “Angel?”

Darcy & Yvette want to know: What’s your favorite brand of holy water?

Paul takes a stand…

Then we talk fallen angels and their brides. It was a thing.

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