IdjitCast Season Four Episode Five “Monster Movie”

This week the case is very black and white, it is a shapeshifter in Pennsylvania. This episode could be called “When Tropes Attack!”

Allie (re)joins us in a full discussion of “Monster Movie,” and if you listen you might hear:

Things in John’s walls.

Buying or not buying the cat dress.

It’s most like Ed Wood, because…

Conspicuous jump after mentioning the band… Wonder where that audio went?

Hold onto your pretzels!

You… could… be wrong.

Discussion veers into perspectives on charges of sexism against the show in general.

Darcy’s grandpa was a cool shapeshifter at MIT. Or something like that.

Big steins.

Private screenings.

Undressing unconscious people?

Don’t blot modern lipstick. Especially if it will get you caught.

Probably something a bit more extreme than Porky’s II

Kitty has even more to say than usual.

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