Yes Mother: Bates Motel S4E3: ” ‘Til Death Do You Part”

960Is that wedding bells we hear? Why yes it is. Is that the sound of my new husband rearranging stuff upstairs? Hmmmm. What did I get myself into? Don’t worry Norma…what could go wrong? Here at Yes Mother we are in pure denial that anything will go wrong and will happily write fanfiction about the happiest couple in the world, running the town and a lucrative motel business and are gloroiously happy til death do they part. A long, long, time from now. *sigh*
What? Who? Where did I go for a second? This is Bates Motel. It’s all going to go to #@$%!& isn’t it?

Ah well, won’t the ride be fun?

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Bates. Or Romero. Or Bates-Romero. She’s keeping her name!

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