IdjitCast Season Four Episode Fifteen “Death Takes a Holiday”

This week, in a small town, people have stopped dying, and alas, Captain Jack Harkness is nowhere in sight. In order to track down who or what is responsible the boys decide it is time to be a ghost. The two speak to a recently dead boy and try to figure out why the local reaper is lying down on the job.

Allie returns this week, and we all get into a lively discussion, involving such things as:

Recording milestones, housing to cut down the miles.

“You don’t have one…”

Rules “don’t,” “haven’t,” or “shouldn’t” apply to you?

Monster fighters stole my identity.

Accents are either the best or too over-the-top…

Kim Manners did episodes of “AutoMan” and “Sledge Hammer!”

Paul doubles down on a bad punchline.

…and then a new bad punchline.

Only culture as old as a yogurt.

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