IdjitCast Season Five Episode Sixteen “Dark Side of the Moon”

The Winchesters were dead, to begin with. Again. They are making their way across Heaven, trying to avoid Zachariah and seek out Joshua. Along the way they encounter some of each of their best memories, along with actually encountering some of their late friends.

It’s time for us to discuss “Dark Side of the Moon!” Listen along and you may hear talk of:

Cheery talk of the coming apocalypse.

Attempted segue, but more apocalypse.

South Korea is not our aggressor, we slipped.

Missy the dog leads us to the Simpsons, but then, anything can lead us there, can’t it?

Disney brothers kill Winchester brothers.

Roman Candles lead us to Katy Perry, but then, that’s not so much a stretch either.

Who would you grope at 13, and where would you grope them? Yeah, it doesn’t seem any less creepy on these notes, either.

“Mullet Guy”

Theory bomb.

I do rude.

You can’t see the jazz hands.

Zachariah in a nightdress.

What’s the odds of Tom Hanks being in an episode of Supernatural

Maybe some other gods in this season, says Yvette.

John and Annie say…

Just don’t go to Detroit.

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