IdjitCast Season Eight Episode Eighteen “Freaks and Geeks”

This week, the writers are working in the vicinity of the back door. They bring in a younger, more diverse crew of monster hunters who are still in high school. They set up that they are on their own, with Garth coming by on occasion in a Special Guest Star capacity. Somehow though, they fail to get them their own series.

We discuss “Freaks and Geeks” this week. No, not the acclaimed, cancelled-too-soon series, but the Supernatural episode, Season 8, Episode 18.

It’s a brief talk, but it includes:

Friends didn’t hold up so well.

Can’t watch all the TV.

Memorable? Maybe?

Apparently not.

Vancouver casting gets people multiple roles on one show.

Lying necklace.

Ditching school to fight demons? Familiar somehow…

Curating childhood trauma.

The theory bled out before it was formed.

Here’s blood in your eye.

That’s not how blanks work.

Apple Dumpling Gang reference

Paul said the B-word.

See, cuz he said “rate” instead of “dance”

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