Chuck Vs. The Best Friend

Chuck on DVD

In the final season of Chuck they tackled the real life situation of a best friend radically changing in a very unique way. Chuck and Morgan were written as the ultimate bromance. They had been best friends from childhood and inseparable, but at the end of Season 4 Morgan is implanted with the intersect (which seemed like an awesome plot twist), but in episode 3 of Season 5 – it goes horribly wrong. The implant changes Morgan and challenge’s Chuck’s friendship.

It was kind of hard to watch those struggles because it reminded me so vividly of my best friend in high school. When things changed between us there wasn’t a TV style fix like there was for Chuck and Morgan. It profoundly impacted me and it took me a long time to forgive. Even today it’s painful to think of because it left me feeling entirely alone.

Thankfully, Chuck and Morgan are able to repair the damage to their own relationship (which, as a viewer, made me very happy). There’s something about prolonged tension between lead characters that just makes me turn off a TV show. I want friends to stay friends – not fight internally.

Chuck is one of my all time favorite TV shows and I’m glad it was able to have a complete story arch, strained relationship and all.

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