Chuck Season 5 and Christmas

In the episode of Chuck, Chuck Versus the Santa Suit, things get a little out of hand with Christmas shopping at the Buy More. This panic just so happened to be caused by a computer virus, but it doesn’t take something so drastic to make holiday shopping a perilous event.

I once worked in a store that had a different toy sale every couple of weeks leading up to the holiday season. $0.99, $2.49, $5.99, and $9.99 were the different sales. These toys were extremely discounted, and people went absolutely nuts over them. The line would start outside a couple hours before the store opened, then when the doors were open the hoard of people would run down the aisle to the toy department. Here they would just start grabbing whatever they could and loading up their bags or shopping cart. After the initial craziness, they would choose an aisle of the store and sort through what they had grabbed to decide what they wanted. Sometimes there were fights. I always wondered why some people would bring their children to this event as they would usually get lost in the crowd. Ah, the joys of holiday shopping.

You can see it doesn’t take anything out of the ordinary to turn holiday shoppers into a sort of zombie shopping creature. Instead of “brains” they crave “deals.” Have you ever been involved in the holiday shopping craziness?

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