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One Idjit’s Thoughts On That 80’s Show 06 “Spring Break ’84” and “Quitting Time”

I decided it wasn’t too fair to spring you all into Really Big Things II that way. Like I said, I can send a Dropbox link to anyone who wants all of it in a single folder.

This episode also covers more of That 80’s Show.

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One Idjit’s Thoughts On That 80’s Show 05 “My Dead Friend”

Well, perhaps I’m saying too little, or perhaps there’s too little to say. I’ve never done this solo, and I’ve never done it for a 22 minute sitcom, so it could be either or both. In any case it’s another short episode that fits in well beside other short episodes.

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One Idjit’s Thoughts on That 80’s Show 01 “Pilot”

Now we are into an actual media discussion, looking at 2002’s “That 80’s Show.” I’m going to be looking at all 13 episodes over time. I’ll look at high points, low points, potential anachronisms, and decide generally what works, and if it sucks.

I’m working in a sort of digest format for these, so I won’t be looking in-depth at every character, nor every plot point. I hope you enjoy!

I’d love feedback either on the show in question or about this podcast series in general, it’s been a while since I launched a show.