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One Idjit’s Thoughts On What’s Next

Last time, I set out some reasons for going forward with this venture. Today, what has been holding me back sometimes. I know what you’re thinking: I took what I laid out as a single episode before deciding to participate in Dog Days and chopped in two to make it cover more days. Well kindly keep that to yourself.

Yes it’s true, all 13 episodes of “That 80’s Show” are on some free “Tube” site, and I intend to watch them. I’ll share my thoughts on the podcast, possibly so you won’t have to watch them.

One Idjit’s Thoughts On Minicasts

Well, it made sense to start with thoughts on Minicasts, given the nature of what’s being made. We’ll see whether I get long-winded down the road? This is basically an introduction, we’ll get into the meat of the concept later on.

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