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Yes, Mother: What We’ve (Both) Been Watching Jan 2018 Edition

Long time no chat! Em and Sue missed podcasting and missed you guys, so we are back and discussing a few things we’ve been watching. In this episode (there will be another soon) we discussed some shows we both saw, then we went on to each pick a few shows the other hadn’t seen and talk about those. I decided to break it up into two podcasts, so you’ll have to wait a few days for that.  (10 points if you understand the music reference at the end.)

Shownotes if you want to skip around (we didn’t go into anything I’d consider a spoiler, so you should be safe on that regard):

6:35- The Crown S2
16:35- Glitch S2
23:05- Broadchurch S3
30:05- Little Big Lies
44:05- Mindhunter
54:00- Lore
1:02:30- This Is Is (Us)
1:09:05- Riverdale

Sidebar: My laptop refused to acknowledge my new headset’s mic, so I had to use earbuds for this one, but the good news is- I ordered an honest to goodness podcasting mic that will be here before we record next, so I (Em) should sound better next time (Now I feel like I need to get myself a messy desk, sunglasses and learn to smoke).

Yes Mother: Bates Motel S5E10 FINALE “The Cord” Recap

The long awaited recap of the finale.  You can’t blame us for taking so long, it’s kind of like if we don’t post this, it’s not really over.  Or maybe I’ve just been busy and recovering from a bike accident.  At any rate– here you go, we recap this beautiful episode of television.  (And then we laugh about being called old ladies for about 10 minutes.)  Enjoy!

Yes Mother: Bates Motel S5E10 “The Cord” Finale Feedback

We read your feedback on the finale, reveal a song listener Mike wrote for the podcast, break a record on the time it takes us to read one piece of feedback (we blame Daniel…jk…), and do some epic Yes Mother-splaining with a sprinkle of shush. We hope we help you all shush a few of the details in the finale some might have found unbelievable. We are here to help!

Yes Mother: Bates Motel Finale Commentary

Photo credit goes to Kristen Rydman (in the blue). Yes I noticed mother in the window!

Did you wish you could have gone to the Yes Mother Bates Motel Finale Party and watched the last episode ever of Bates Motel with Em and Sue (and Cat and Kristen)? Well– you can come close!
Sit back, grab a sandwich or turkey pot pie, relax, and turn the episode on (or not- you can hear it pretty good in the background) and it will be almost like you are there in the room with us, in between mother and the shower cu

Yes Mother: Bates Motel S5E9 “Visiting Hours” Recap

Now for our recap. Em and Sue look back on this episode and try not to panic about all the stuff that somehow needs to be in the finale. Trust the writers has been a pretty good, fail safe mantra so far, so that is exactly what we are going to do. We talk a lot about our theories and we also do a fair bit of theorizing about the final episode that is now just DAYS AWAY!!

Does Dylemma find a way to go on? Does Romero get his revenge? Does Mother let Norman come out to play ever again, or is that apple pie going to burn in that oven? Does that ring get back on Norma’s cold, dead, hand or does Romero run off to that cabin with Maggie? (haha! just had to throw that one in, even if the thought makes me a little queasy.) Speaking of queasy– Norman went a whole episode without throwing up! Good on you, Norman!

Yes Mother: Bates Motel S5E8 “The Body”

Here we are at the end of the series (not quite but close enough!) and things are definitely coming to a head.   We are confused by the title though…THE Body doesn’t seem to be descriptive enough. Bodies is more like, but this episode or the lake didn’t seem to have enough bodies in it for Sue and Em. There’s a body in the basement now, and one used to be in there that is now lying in amongst the pines. WHO IS THE BODY?? Chick’s racoon?




RIP, Charles “Chick” Hogan. We wish you comfort, peace and boar jerky in the great beyond.

Yes Mother: Bates Motel S5E7 “Inseparable” Recap

We recap this week and try to come up with scenarios that possibly could be where the show goes from here. We came up with a few good ones, but we know we are wrong, cause this show has made it abundantly clear that it is smarter than us. But Emily is crossing her fingers for Grandpa Romero anyway.
In the actual show, Dylan came to visit, Madeline is hunting for lost husbands (three words Maddie: shower curtain burrito), and Norma was buried like Snow White and Head Norma got stabby and Norman got confessy. Oh and Dylan got Gilesed. In other words, it was a great time.

Yes Mother: Bates Motel S5E7 “Inseparable” Feedback

It’s feedback time! The action at the hotel this week slowed down a little, but don’t get too comfortable, the yellow crime scene tape should be pretty easy to dodge. The B & B heard a lot of commotion in the main room and kitchen, but that didn’t wreck game night in the least.   You may have noticed a familiar face this week you haven’t seen for some time- Dylan is back!  His towels are a little softer and fluffier than Chicks, but they lacked his signature spring of thyme folded into it.  We know Norma’s were the best, but she is still missing, we are sure Norman is right- she is just “at the store”.  Hang in there, and once again- sorry for Norman’s towels, we know they come back still damp and dirty.  He keeps insisting they have been cleaned.  We are at a loss.

Thanks for writing in everyone and for your very insightful and funny feedback that provides us with so many talking points and new ponderings.


Resting after a job well done. #springbreak2017 #Simone #naughty