Yes, Mother: What We’ve (Both) Been Watching Jan 2018 Edition

Long time no chat! Em and Sue missed podcasting and missed you guys, so we are back and discussing a few things we’ve been watching. In this episode (there will be another soon) we discussed some shows we both saw, then we went on to each pick a few shows the other hadn’t seen and talk about those. I decided to break it up into two podcasts, so you’ll have to wait a few days for that.  (10 points if you understand the music reference at the end.)

Shownotes if you want to skip around (we didn’t go into anything I’d consider a spoiler, so you should be safe on that regard):

6:35- The Crown S2
16:35- Glitch S2
23:05- Broadchurch S3
30:05- Little Big Lies
44:05- Mindhunter
54:00- Lore
1:02:30- This Is Is (Us)
1:09:05- Riverdale

Sidebar: My laptop refused to acknowledge my new headset’s mic, so I had to use earbuds for this one, but the good news is- I ordered an honest to goodness podcasting mic that will be here before we record next, so I (Em) should sound better next time (Now I feel like I need to get myself a messy desk, sunglasses and learn to smoke).

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