View from the Peaks: Episode Four – “The One-Armed Man”

Norma’s husband is up for parole and I feel like I should be over analyzing everything he does.

It looks as if Cooper’s dream is coming true, the deputies have tracked down the one-armed man whose name (well, middle name) is Mike, his best friend is named Bob, and he did have a tattoo on his missing arm… a tattoo that said “Bob”.


Teenage Twin Peaks decides to take the investigation into their own hands, for various reasons: Audrey to impress Cooper, Bobby to frame Leo, and Donna to keep info away from the police.

Laura’s cousin shows up, played by the same actress who plays Laura so now it’s going to be even harder to keep people straight.


Quote of the episode: “Harry, the last thing I want you to worry about while I’m here is some city slicker I brought in to your town relieving himself upstream.”

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