Top 5 Favorite characters On Gossip Girl

I am a geek, but I am also a girl. I enjoy my geeky shows like Smallville, Buffy, and Star Wars, but I also enjoy a good teen drama, like The OC, Dawson’s Creek, and Gossip Girl. The characters on Gossip Girl are loved and hated, sometimes all in one episode.

Here are my top 5 favorite characters on Gossip Girl.

5. Eric van der Woodsen: Eric is the voice of reason many times on the show. He doesn’t agree with the fight for social power that Jenny and Blair undertake, though he gets caught up in it more times than he’d like. Eric isn’t one of the major players on the show, but he is one of the more true to life characters.

4. Gossip Girl: This never seen on the show character makes the list because we wouldn’t have the show without her. She has eyes everywhere and a must read blog. Voiced by Kristen Bell, Gossip Girl makes and breaks relationships, loves a good scandal, and outs anyone she can. Maybe one day we’ll find out her true identity.

3. Serena van der Woodsen: Serena is the good girl of the Upper East Side, well most of the time. Serena used to be a wild child, but she has reformed. When Serena does go a little crazy, it’s usually because of something to do with her best friend, Blair. Serena has been in an on-again-off-again relationship with Dan Humphrey for years, and sometimes with Nate Archibald in between. I like Serena best when she’s not with a guy, but trying some self discovery. Of course this usually leads to her hooking up with a guy!

2. Blair Waldorf: While Serena is usually thinking of things in the minute, Blair is always thinking about her future. While in high school, she made sure she was Queen Bee, top of the social ladder. She is always aware of what will help her reach her social potential, which is very important on the Upper East Side. This also applies to who Blair dates. She has been in love with Chuck for years, but might now be marrying a prince. Blair usually gets what she wants through questionable (or downright nefarious) means, which makes rooting for her a very strange experience as a viewer.

1. Chuck Bass: I hated Chuck in early season 1 of Gossip Girl. He was so slimy and basically evil. He is still both of those things, but he’s one of the bad boys you just love. I think it happened when he fell in love with Blair, that’s when Chuck became a person. Chuck has had some very bad things happen to him, so he’s a sympathetic character when he’s not being a jerk. Chuck can make anything happen. He has money, power, and influence. If it weren’t for his love of Blair Waldorf, he’d probably be the most powerful business man in New York. Blair is his weakness, and quite the distraction. Also, just to show my girly side, Chuck gets the number one spot because when he utters the line, “I’m Chuck Bass,” it’s just so hot!

Honorable Mention: Georgina Sparks must be included in this list somewhere, but not being a main character, I couldn’t put her in the top 5. When Georgina shows up, portrayed by Michelle Trachtenburg, you know that trouble is coming and mayhem will ensue.

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  1. Blair is number One. Period.
    This one character takes you through a full range of emotions, drama and physical. Field hockey, singing, dancing, stage performance, swimming pool make out, hospital patient, …

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