The Wedding of the Girl Behind the Red Door – One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill – ‘I Love the Way You Love Me’ by thewbdotcom

It was an episode that was a long time coming. After 8 years on TV, Brooke finally got the guy. The characters have pretty much paired off over the years, but Brook remained married to her career,until the Season 8 episode “The Other Half of Me.” Since the show wasn’t entirely sure it’d be picked up for a full season, this episode could have served as the finale and, appropriately so it’s chock-full of call backs to the rest of the seasons.

Weddings have always been a big deal in my family. A beautiful wedding, complete with a dress and chock full of family and friends has always been featured in my fantasies. I think more important than how Brooke’s wedding look was the truth behind it – never settle for less than what you deserve. While her friends all married, Brooke held out. She met her true love, Julian, as an adult (not in high school like the other characters). Since I just turned 30, I love this message.
Some of my favorite moments included when Julian’s dad stepped in for the Father/daughter dance. Especially after all the family problems Brooke has had. I also loved the best man/maid of honor’s speeches. Those “family” and togetherness moments have to be the best part of any wedding.


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