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One Tree Hill on DVD

I love when TV shows are allowed the season to wrap everything up, especially a long running show like One Tree Hill. Going into the season knowing it’s going to be the last one allows the writers to really bring story lines full circle. In Season 9 of One Tree Hill a lot of the past catches up with our characters. Clay finds out he has a six year old son, Brooke has to deal with X being out on parole, and Dan has to deal with his past crimes.

Past choices always influence the future, which is part of why I love the writing One Tree Hill was able to do in this final season. Good choices, bad choices, whatever you do has a way of coming back around. Back in 2009, I had a dental procedure that cost way too much and I could barely afford it (and that was with a job), but I paid the bill anyway. Now I have a $200 credit that I didn’t know I have and they’re mailing me a check! See, the past caught up with me, but it was a good result!

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One Tree Hill & Challenges

Conflict. There wouldn’t be a good story if it wasn’t for conflict. One of the major points of conflict in TV shows is the challenges that characters have to overcome. In One Tree Hill, Season 9 found characters that we’ve watched for nine years face some very grownup challenges like raising children and some very interesting challenges like Clay sleepwalking and missing periods of time! While I haven’t personally gone through either of those challenges yet, but I do appreciate that not everything is sweetness and light in One Tree Hill. Even in the more unrealistic situations it’s always inspiring when characters overcome challenges that face them. If Brooke can overcome some of her life crap and get married and have kids, it seems easier to be able to face your own challenges.

My current challenges are fairly small in the grand scheme of things. Mostly the revolve around getting my large list of TO DOs done with limited finances and a large range of tasks to do. Some days it seems like everything is working against me getting stuff done and other days I just want to quit, but I know that it’ll be all worth it in the long run.

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One Tree Hill Season 9 DVD Available Today – Extra Features

One Tree Hill on DVD

One Tree Hill may have just finished airing, but the Season 9 DVD is available for purchase! One of the best reasons for buying TV on DVD is the extra features. For the final season of One Tree Hill there’s a ton of great content that I’m really looking forward to exploring. The Complete Ninth Season of One Tree Hilll also features 2 hours of fan favorite extra content. Included in the content are 3 all-new featurettes, a full-length commentary, unaired scenes and a hilarious gag reel.

I always love when a TV show gives thanks to the fans of the show and there’s one featurette listed on the DVD called The Fans of One Tree Hill. I’m hoping it really explores the large fanbase the show had and some of the cool things the fans have done over the years.

I’m also excited to see some of the extra unaired scenes. Often those extra scenes of TV shows really bring some fun/in depth moments that were missed. Or you can see why they were cut out and how differently the story might have played out with them.

Relive the crazy and exciting moments like this one:

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I Have One Tree Hill Props!

In celebration of the finale of One Tree Hill tomorrow, Warner Brothers sent me some amazing props from the set of One Tree Hill!

I wasn’t entirely sure what they were sending, so I was really happy when one of the props was “An Unkindness of Ravens” the fictional novel by y Lucas Scott (Chad Michael Murray’s character).  It reminds me of how Lucas fictionalized the first two years of high school, how their was an unsuccessful movie based on the book, and how Peyton obsessively collected them (later burning them when she finds out that Lucas is engaged to his publisher, Lindsey).

I seem to have a library edition (there’s call numbers on the side). Unfortunately, the book is a prop. The book inside the dust jacket is “The Tangled Mess.” The actual book may never be published, but it’s a nice memento from one of my favorite fictional writers. It would be nice if someone had written it (like Richard Castle’s books are being published for Castle).

The other items included brought up so many memories. I loved having the picture for Brooke’s fashion line “Clothes Over Bros.” The success of the company leads to many of Brooke’s growth points (like choosing cheer-leading over going to New York, realizing she’s not ready for moving into a career in high school). Of course, it reminds me how she started the company to get over Lucas (I’m sensing a theme with my props now).

I also have some campaign stickers for Lucas’ mother, Karen Roe, from her run for mayor against Dan in Season 3.

All in all it was a fun way to walk through the seasons of One Tree Hill and I can’t wait to watch the season finale. Tune in TOMORROW at 8/7c on the CW.

Want to live some more memories? Check out One Tree Hill’s website:

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One Tree Hill Season 9 Saying Goodbye & Brooke

I’ve always been an advocate of characters that have a journey in television. Too many times characters seem to fall into a never ending loop of self-discovery and then reset back to square one. It’s frustrating at times because you want to hit them over the head and go, “hey! LEARN THIS TIME!” I’ve really been impressed on how much it matters to me while watching through Fraiser for the first time. As most sitcoms the characters seem to always default back to their original ways once the episode is over and any important, character changing moments are quickly forgotten.

That’s what I love Brooke so much on “One Tree Hill.” We’ve seen her go from fairly spirited and carefree to a mature, loving wife and mother. While I don’t entirely relate with her, I appreciate the journey she’s been on. I especially appreciate that she didn’t change overnight. Her realization that she wanted to be a great mother came slowly and we saw her develop it with taking on Samantha as a foster and then later with the birth of her own children.

It’s hard to believe it’s the end for “One Tree Hill,” but it’s reassuring to know there’s many great hours of episodes to watch again and again. Tune in for the series finale April 4th!

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One Tree Hill Season 8 – Bonus Features

When I got Season 8 of OTH on DVD I couldn’t wait to dig into the extra bonus features. That’s one of the most rewarding things about buying TV on DVD. The DVD set didn’t disappoint with 2 hours of all-new featurettes, 2 episode commentaries, deleted scenes and gag reel.

One of my favorite parts of any TV show I love is the gag reel. It shows the actors at their funniest. Apparently from S8 gag reel you can tell that the cast of OTH are a bunch of pranksters! The commentaries are great too, especially episode 11, which details how they did the storm scenes and give you a real sense of working on a TV show. Stuff like how they got this kind of scene:

One Tree Hill – S8 ‘Stop!’ by thewbdotcom



For fans of One Tree Hill, the Eighth Season will definitely be one to own! Includes all 22 episodes on 5 discs plus all-new featurettes, commentaries, deleted scenes and gag reel!

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One Tree Hill – Music

One of the most impressive parts of One Tree Hill (to me at least) has been the music. So it was delightful when I heard that no only was “I Don’t Wanna Be” coming back in the 8th season as the theme song for the show, but that it would be covered by a variety of artists. The actual original version by Gavin Degraw only played 3 times in Season 8. I thought it was an innovative choice and gave viewers a really fun reason to watch through the credits every time. Artists like Andy Grammer, Amiee Mann, Laura Izibor, Tegan and Sara, Tyrone Wells, Ben Rector, and Missy Higgins all took a crack at their own interpretation of the song.


I really enjoyed the variety of artists that redid the theme, but I have to admit I have a fondness for the original by Gavin. Especially after the adorableness of Jamie and Gavin singing the theme together.

If you’re a fan of the show, what version of the theme did you like? Who do you think should cover the theme in Season 9?

One Tree Hill – Season 8 on DVD & UltraViolet by thewbdotcom

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The Wedding of the Girl Behind the Red Door – One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill – ‘I Love the Way You Love Me’ by thewbdotcom

It was an episode that was a long time coming. After 8 years on TV, Brooke finally got the guy. The characters have pretty much paired off over the years, but Brook remained married to her career,until the Season 8 episode “The Other Half of Me.” Since the show wasn’t entirely sure it’d be picked up for a full season, this episode could have served as the finale and, appropriately so it’s chock-full of call backs to the rest of the seasons.

Weddings have always been a big deal in my family. A beautiful wedding, complete with a dress and chock full of family and friends has always been featured in my fantasies. I think more important than how Brooke’s wedding look was the truth behind it – never settle for less than what you deserve. While her friends all married, Brooke held out. She met her true love, Julian, as an adult (not in high school like the other characters). Since I just turned 30, I love this message.
Some of my favorite moments included when Julian’s dad stepped in for the Father/daughter dance. Especially after all the family problems Brooke has had. I also loved the best man/maid of honor’s speeches. Those “family” and togetherness moments have to be the best part of any wedding.


Missed the RSVP to the wedding? Here’s your special invitation with Season 8 of the One Tree Hill!


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One Tree Hill – It’s All About the Romance

In Tree Hill, NC, there is never a dull moment. Hope, heartbreak and a hurricane – all in one season! One Tree Hill’s Season 8 is packed with drama and ready for pre-order (!”

One of my favorite relationships on the show is Haley and Nathan. They have such a sweet, realistic relationship (well as realistic as you can have on a nighttime soap). I especially love watching how their relationship has matured. For example, in Season 8’s episode Valentine’s Day is Over, Haley and Nathan worry that they are washed up because they don’t have any great Valentine’s Day plans. After (a lot) of crazy drama she winds up getting a diamond ring, a bed covered in rose petals and ho hos (and really, what girl doesn’t want that on Valentine’s Day?

Are you a fan of One Tree Hill? What was YOUR favorite relationship?

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