The Big Bang Theory & What Not to Say if You Want a 2nd Date

The Big Bang Theory is now on 5 nights a week and it’s been fun rewatching the seasons. In Season 2, Episode 1 (“The Bad Fish Paradigm“) Leonard and Penny return from their first date. After a season of chasing after Penny fans were excited at the idea of Leonard finally going out with Penny. Unfortunately, both of them have reservations about the match. When Leonard finds out that one of Penny’s reservations is because she’s insecure about her own intelligence he offers her a brochure for the local community college and tells her that he’s fine with dating a girl who isn’t smart. Penny slams the door in his face (as she should have).

Of course, not telling your date that she isn’t smart is only one of the things you shouldn’t say if you want that second date.  Here’s some things you should never say:

1. Over hint about the next date. Example: She says how much she likes biking. You say, “Biking, I love biking we should ride this trail I know together…” Trying to turn everything into a “we should do that” gets pushy and is a turn off. It also says you’re not really listening to her side of the conversation just looking for a chance to oversell yourself. Why rush to get another date, just have fun on your current one or it might be your last.

2. You remind me of my ex- Anything about your ex-girlfriend. Talking about your past relationships just means you haven’t moved on yet and really, if she reminds you of your ex-girlfriend than why do you think this is going to work out?

3. Anything about your house/car/job that sounds like you’re trying to impress. Talking up big about your fancy watch that you got because you make a three figure salary might attract a nice trophy wife, but we all know how those relationships work out. Let your date fall for you, the person and not you, the bank account.

What are your top 3 things that you shouldn’t say on a date? I’d love to read’m in the comments.


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