The Big Bang Theory Now on 5 Nights a Week

The Big Bang Theory is now in syndication and airing five nights a week! If you haven’t watched the series yet, you should jump on the TBBT bandwagon. If you have seen it before it’s a great excuse to rewatch from the beginning! Go to to check for your local listings.

In the pilot episode (aired 9/19) Leonard, geeky science nerd, meets Penny, beautiful wannabe actress, for the first time and is immediately infatuated with her. Because of his infatuation he agrees to go and get her TV from her ex-boyfriend, despite the warnings from his friends that it’s a very dumb idea. The confrontation with the ex-boyfriend doesn’t go well, but instead of using his intelligence Leonard decides to try again and winds up being de-pants.

While the events of the pilot are very sitcom the reason I believe The Big Bang Theory works is it shows a very human response to life’s problems. Leonard, like most people, falls victim to doing stupid things when because he’s in love. It’s not the last time he’ll do something so crazy because of his infatuation. It’s something everyone can relate to, especially if you’re a geeky nerd like Leonard. It’s what makes his character likable.

In the end, you may not have lost your pants because of love (okay I’m  not talking the sexy way…) or had to confront a well-muscled jerk, but I’m I’m sure you’ve done something just as crazy. As Willow said on Buffy, “love makes you do the wacky.”

So what’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done for love?

Want to see more crazy moments on the Big Bang Theory? Tune in 5 nights a week!


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