Season Six Episode Seventeen “My Heart Will Go On”

Again, we apologize for the oversight. This episode features an angel going to extreme lengths to get rid of a song running through his head, or so he says. This leaves Sam and Dean hanging in the crosshairs of Fate. Maybe only Castiel can intervene to save them, but is he also responsible for the whole situation in the first place?

This is the belated discussion of “My Heart Will Go On” with our core podcast host group (plus Fox).

Listen to the episode and there could be talk of:

Peeing freely, but not getting jokes.

That’s not a shallot.

Really hard to remember a guy’s name sometimes.

Fox’s Timelines©

Stephen King, well the Dark Tower bone’s connected to the Insomnia bone…

Okay, first you set it up, then I’ll touch him, then you reap him, then…

Fox is asking for an earworm.

Time loop?

Why the Titanic?

Can it be Halloween now?

What a wonderful new smell you’ve discovered.


Fox likes a viewing party.

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