Season 1 of V on DVD – Get it Now!

Season 2 of V premieres on Tues, January 4 9/8c on ABC and, in anticipation, you should catch up or rewatch Season 1 (now available at the Warner Brothers Store -> Of course, there’s still one shopping day left to buy it for Christmas!

Because I’m a huge fan of Firefly, I was excited to watch V because of the ever-amazing Morena Baccarin (who played Inara on Firefly). I did not watch the original V, but even though I wasn’t a fan, I quickly became one! The major premise – what if visitors from another world landed, seemed peaceful and offered to better the world, what would your response be? I think mostly I’d be in shock. Even as a certified Sci-Fi geek actual aliens landing and offering great technology and peace would be amazing. Of course, I’d love to think that if I saw the same signs that I would have caught on that the Visitors were actually evil.

But, watch for yourself and decide which line you’d fall on: the skeptics or the folks who embrace the new aliens?

I have been hired by Warner Bros. WBWord division to promote V: The Complete First Season on DVD. You can purchase a copy here:


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