The Visitors Have Returned…

(Editor’s Note: This post contains spoilers for Season 2 of V)

V has returned in all of it’s lizard loving glory. The intense season finale from last season only propelled the recent season two opening episode to a stunning hour of television. Anna, having promised to leave at the end of last season, causes red, blood-looking rain to fall on the unwitting populace in a show of her anger over the 5th Column destroying her nest of warrior eggs.

Tensions from the first season continue including the palpable conflict between Anna and Erica as the play at being friends, but it’s easy to see both characters are at opposite sides of the Vs and humans. This is probably the most fascinating conflict to watch especially considering the double meaning in most of the or conversations.

Another fascinating plot idea is the lack of emotions the visitors have and the longer they hang around humans the more emotions they start to process. This was evident in the character of Ryan, who poses as a human and falls in love. This idea is carried into season two when Anna’s emotions cause problems both internally on the visitor ships, but also externally in her plot.

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Because I’m a huge fan of Firefly, I was excited to watch V because of the ever-amazing Morena Baccarin (who played Inara on Firefly). I did not watch the original V, but even though I wasn’t a fan, I quickly became one! The major premise – what if visitors from another world landed, seemed peaceful and offered to better the world, what would your response be? I think mostly I’d be in shock. Even as a certified Sci-Fi geek actual aliens landing and offering great technology and peace would be amazing. Of course, I’d love to think that if I saw the same signs that I would have caught on that the Visitors were actually evil.

But, watch for yourself and decide which line you’d fall on: the skeptics or the folks who embrace the new aliens?

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