Movie Review of Disney/Pixar’s “Up”


51p4p3zl-jl_sl160_pisitb-sticker-arrow-bigtopright35-73_ou01_Ever made someone a promise, then been unable to fulfill it while they were still with you? Did you fulfill that promise after they were gone? Were they with you?

Up is the tale of just that situation.  Carl Fredricksen (Edward Asner) made a promise to his wife Ellie long before they married, just after they met as children, that they would go to Paradise Falls and build her clubhouse on the top of the cliff. Unfortunately, they live long lives without ever getting to Venezuela, and Ellie dies. Carl, heartbroken but still determined, decides on the eve that the city is forcing him into a retirement community that he and the house will make it to South America if it kills him.

What he doesn’t anticipate is the addition of one Wilderness Explorer named Russell (Jordan Nagai).

Thus begins the journey of an old man and a young boy, one that takes them through danger and the excitement of making new friends. The movie is graced with talking dogs, elusive dodo birds, and, of course, one man’s childhood hero who proves to be extremely different from his media image.

On a personal note, I took my mother to see this for her birthday – her choice, not mine – and surprisingly, truly enjoyed the movie. It made the two of us laugh and cry, and even spill my NERDS on the floor. This isn’t just a kids’ movie, or even a family movie. This is a movie that spans the generations, because, deep down, all any of us want to do is keep our promises, and see our loved ones happy.

If you enjoy original story-telling that entertains, and are willing to become a kid again and suspend your belief, then Up is truly a movie you need to see. Buy your tickets online here at

2 thoughts to “Movie Review of Disney/Pixar’s “Up””

  1. We saw “Up” on opening weekend. The themes this movie explores are, in my opinion, VERY adult. How do we deal with deep loss? What is REALLY most important in our lives? “Up” is also the first Pixar film that has blood in it from a violent act on a human being. I believe that this movie is meant to steer animation back in it’s original direction: A form of entertainment for adults.

    Up still has lots of great things for kids. Adventure, excitement, Dug the talking dog and a kid who saves a grown up.

    All in all I think “Up” will be one of the Pixar classics right there next to Toy Story and Wall-E.

  2. This review was very, very enlightening. My husband and I are taking my son sometime soon to see this, and it’s nice to know that it is as much enjoyable for the adults as it is children. Thanks for the information!

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