DVD Review: The Cheesy Adventures of Captain Macaroni: The Greastest Treasure


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When I first received a screener copy of The Cheesy Adventures of Captain Macaroni I was extremely excited. I grew up on a variety of great Christian kids programs (like The Greatest Adventure Stories From The Bible, The Flying House and Superbook). I was delighted to get the same enjoyable, funny and memorable experience with The Cheesy Adventures of Captain Macaroni that I did with my childhood videos.

The best part of the DVD was the characters. Captain Macaroni is a lovable, enjoyable super hero who is a bit silly but also wise. His sidekick, a cream-pie throwing rooster named Cheese, brings in the comedic value and offers a good foil for Captain Macaroni. I was especially impressed with the inclusion of a Hispanic character, Eddie and an African-American character, Mikey. Eddie is a genius and gets to throw in a tiny bit of Spanish when talking with Captain Macaroni.

Another great part of the DVD was the humor. It was, as the name suggests, kind of cheesy, but fun. With jokes that kids and adults can enjoy, while still being clean and wholesome. I was very glad to see there was little in the way of teasing or poking fun at other characters (an extremely easy to pick up trait that kids shouldn’t get help with).

The animation is done by the Animation Collective, who also work on cartoons for Disney, Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon. I really liked the hybrid of Anime and traditional animation styles, which make the cartoon seem modern and enjoyable. Produced in conjunction with Daystar the plot is focused on good values, but told in a way that makes it fun (not preachy).

If you’re looking for a great, wholesome DVD for kids 4-9, I’d say give Captain Mac.A.Roni a try!

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of “The Cheesy Adventures of Captain Macaroni: The Greatest Treasure of All” for review, but the review is entirely my own personal opinion and I was not compensated for this post.

DVD Review: Superman/Batman Public Enemies


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*contains very light spoilers*

200px-SupbatpubI start this review by saying I have not read the comics this movie is based on. I have heard from other, however, that it’s done very well in relation to the story in the comics. This review will be based on my opinions coming solely from viewing the DVD. There will be light spoilers, but I won’t reveal large plot points.

To begin, Lex Luthor is elected President of the United States. President Luthor wants all superheroes in service of the government. Those who don’t agree to work for him will find out they are not above the law. Superman, of course, refuses to work for Luthor. He knows he’s up to something.

There is a massive meteor made of Kryptonite heading towards earth. Luthor wants to be the one to destroy it, so he can get the credit. That is behind closed doors though. He publicly announced that he wants to work with Superman to destroy the meteor.

Superman meets with Luthor, but Luthor brought Metallo with him. This weakens Superman and he pushes Luthor down. Luthor flees, while Superman is left to have an all out brawl with Metallo. This fight is awesome! Batman steps in, but he and Superman are no match for the machine that just keeps coming. They escape to Batman’s cave.

They find out, however, that Metallo is dead. Luthor is saying that Superman killed the innocent John Corbin and must be stopped. He has a video of Superman pushing him down and part of the fight with Metallo. Luthor claims the Kryptonite in the meteor is affecting Superman’s mind and offers a 1 billion dollar reward for his defeat.

This causes Superman and Batman to be confronted by a hoard of super villains, plus the super heroes working for Luthor. There are some great fights here as well. They must try to convince the other super heroes that they are on the wrong side. That’s all I’ll say about the plot, except four words: Lex Luthor Kryptonite Suit.

The story is really entertaining, with plenty of twists to keep your attention. There are loads of names you’ll recognize if you’re a DC comics fan. I didn’t know all of them, but that gives me the excuse to pull out my DC Encyclopedia. Powergirl, Hawkman, and Toy Man are just a few of the names of appear. I also really enjoyed the relationship between Superman and Batman. They had a lot of great jokes between the two. I’d highly recommend this movie. It’s one of my favorites among the DC animated features.

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Movie Review of Disney/Pixar’s “Up”


51p4p3zl-jl_sl160_pisitb-sticker-arrow-bigtopright35-73_ou01_Ever made someone a promise, then been unable to fulfill it while they were still with you? Did you fulfill that promise after they were gone? Were they with you?

Up is the tale of just that situation.  Carl Fredricksen (Edward Asner) made a promise to his wife Ellie long before they married, just after they met as children, that they would go to Paradise Falls and build her clubhouse on the top of the cliff. Unfortunately, they live long lives without ever getting to Venezuela, and Ellie dies. Carl, heartbroken but still determined, decides on the eve that the city is forcing him into a retirement community that he and the house will make it to South America if it kills him.

What he doesn’t anticipate is the addition of one Wilderness Explorer named Russell (Jordan Nagai).

Thus begins the journey of an old man and a young boy, one that takes them through danger and the excitement of making new friends. The movie is graced with talking dogs, elusive dodo birds, and, of course, one man’s childhood hero who proves to be extremely different from his media image.

On a personal note, I took my mother to see this for her birthday – her choice, not mine – and surprisingly, truly enjoyed the movie. It made the two of us laugh and cry, and even spill my NERDS on the floor. This isn’t just a kids’ movie, or even a family movie. This is a movie that spans the generations, because, deep down, all any of us want to do is keep our promises, and see our loved ones happy.

If you enjoy original story-telling that entertains, and are willing to become a kid again and suspend your belief, then Up is truly a movie you need to see. Buy your tickets online here at Fandango.com.