In Defense of SPN Season 6

I’ll admit I (like a lot of people I know) wasn’t exactly on board with the idea of season 6 of Supernatural. I thought that Kripke’s five season arch had told the story in completion, that it would be a hard, rough end for the Winchesters who had a hard, rough life. I went into this last season with trepidation. How could they top coming toe to toe with Lucifer?

The season started rough, as a lot of the later seasons of SPN do they make the mistake of having the brothers at odds with one another. I believe most people watch this show because of the brothers bonding against the world. We love their relationship when it’s good and the longer it’s bad the more annoyed we get. Yet, TV shows need and thrive on conflict. And in a show with really only two main characters, their only choices are the brothers.

Then, once the relationship was back, the show really heated up and reminded me, once again why I love this show. Some old faces popped up and one of my favorite episodes from season 6 harkened back to Season 2 when Dean tries to outrun a reaper. The moral questions that the boys have to answer make this more than some fantasy show about two hot guys running around in a car. It really makes me examine my own faith and thoughts on death, life and everything in between.

If you gave up on the season, pick up the DVDs and really stick it out. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the end and anxiously awaiting season 7 like I am.

I have been hired by Warner Bros. WBWord division to promote Supernatural Season 6 on DVD.


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