BluthCast Episode 4 – Key Decisions

This week we discuss Key Decisions with the lovely Jessica (jlyn1980 on twitter). We all dress our best and go to the Desis. Katie, Ryan, and John get distracted by the wacky antics of Jessica and Kelly Jo. Ryan doesn’t care for GOB. Katie theatre fan girl comes out. John has a mental breakdown. Someone gets a shout out that we’re not sure he or she is going to like. …And Jessica doesn’t like Buffy or Sarah Michelle Gellar’s acting.

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On the Next BluthCast we’ll be discussing Visiting Ours!

PS: Kelly Jo here, once again apologizing about the lateness of this weeks episode. I’ve just been super busy. My schedule has been really hectic lately but it’s about to calm down so hopefully things will settle down soon. Also I apologize about the sound quality in this episode my Internet was awful that night. I did my best with what I have in editing equipment. With the way editing of next week’s show it should be out next week. *Knock on Wood*


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