IdjitCast Season Two Episode Six “No Exit”

The Supernatural staff finds a bottle labeled “X-Files Alien Parasite” and upends it all over the set… but seriously, there is a real-life historical figure at the heart of this week’s show, and Jo is figuratively hitching a ride on the boys’ investigation. Or, the boys are literally grabbing Jo’s case. Either way, Ellen has been predicting disaster should Jo ever wind up in the hunting field. Before Dean can say “I promise we’ll get her back,” the trust ship has sailed. So can Dean deliver and return Jo to safety, and is there any such thing as safety when Ellen arrives in Philadelphia?

Our spooky skeleton crew finds out:

It turns out Nebraska is for corn lovers.

Dean plays Knifey-Spoony. But does he have the set?

John teases a fascinating fact about Ash and his non-appearance in this episode, but does not deliver.

What’s better, finding a hidey-hole or stealing a truck?

“The Devil in the White City” is by Erik Larson

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