IdjitCast Season Two Episode Nineteen “Folsom Prison Blues”

This is the first episode recorded since the passing of Toni Flores, John’s Mother, and we would like to dedicate it to her memory.

If you wish to support John at this difficult time, please check out

This week, what looks like a bonehead break-in scheme turns out to be an elaborate prison ghost hunt, complete with a man on the inside ready to arrange an escape at the end. Special Guest Annie joins us to discuss the episode, and things like this happen:

Paul assumes the guest stars of the episode were noticed, and generates a pun that goes nowhere.

Paul talks too much when Darcy watches the show alone with nobody in the room.

What kind of illicit militia likes to rock and roll all night?

We broke it in less than 15 minutes, I guess. And then we had a cow.

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