IdjitCast Season Three Episode Ten “Dream a Little Dream of Me”

Birds singing in the sycamore tree… drink a little piece of me…  This week, Bobby is having a dream, and everyone is invited! Okay, strictly speaking there was no invitation. Later, they go further into dreamland to find and fight a dream god who is all powerful because he was beaten in his youth and rendered unable to dream until he took some african dream root. He’s kind of a mix of Freddy Krueger and Lucky Nineteen.

Listen after the episode for a news-based tangent.

Join us, we will talk about the episode and not about the episode, things like:

I guess I picked the wrong week to give up air conditioning…

The highly technical stick poke technique.

Wall safes and material posessions.

Shoutout to Brad Cupples.

Dreaming of the dead.

Father Brown or Father Dowling? Mark Williams not Tom Bosley.

We don’t want to hear about Dean playing with his boobs.

Mint Oreos did in fact get purchased.

Leave the door open so it doesn’t have to poop in there.

Soooo 70’s.

For some reason Beaker, Stadtler and Waldorf come up. Beaker with a shotgun is the best thing ever.

Then we went down to Palahniuk corner.

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