IdjitCast Season Three Episode One “The Magnificent Seven”

This week is the Season Three Premiere, in which the Winchesters and Bobby meet up with a hunter couple and deal with the consequences of the opening of the Devil’s Gate in Wyoming. The Seven Deadly Sins have been made flesh, and they have all manner of sin-based mayhem in mind.

Annie joins us this week. Listen along and you may hear things such as these:

We cover Hollywood Squares once again. For some reason.

Excuse the smack-y noises.

We discuss the hazards of monoculture farming. For some reason.

You say Ta-MAR-ah, I say Ta-MAIR-ah…

We have an audience. Hello audience!

What would you call a demon bar? Paul has the answer at the ready…

Tumeric? Tarragon?

Straight Outta NoDak.

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