IdjitCast Season Three Episode Four “Sin City”

In a town given over entirely to vice, is it possible to find real demons among all the real human bad behavior? This is the task set before Sam & Dean. Along the way they meet a smarmy fellow hunter, a sexy bartender, and a one-time-only discount hooker. Sam liberally tosses around holy water but only finds confused humans instead of demons. Dean springs a devil’s trap only to find himself temporarily buried along with the demon he trapped. What do you say to a mortal enemy while the two of you wait to see who gets rescued first? Oh yeah, and the Colt works again thanks to Ruby.

This week, the newbies are running the whole show, and you can hear us discuss…

Nice habits.

We reflect on all the shots in mirrors.

We give a shoutout to Yes Mother Podcast (Hi Sue and Em!)

Paul kinda quotes a Little Man from Another Place.

We saw no balls, right kitty?

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