IdjitCast Season Six Episode Twenty-Two “The Man Who Knew Too Much”

Time to talk about the final episode of Season Six, in IdjitCast’s penultimate Season Six episode. Sam is lost and fighting for the integrity of his mind, while Crowley and Castiel work together to pull off the Purgatory heist.

Nutty joins us (and Fox too) to discuss “The Man Who Knew Too Much.” We’ll discuss all about it, plus perhaps:

Conceptual fire.

Trading Places, Jr. (You can find Bourne yourself)

Stranger Danger

Paul makes an oblique Buffy reference.

Then a less-oblique Arrested Development reference

But Darcy kills with a Sam & Dave reference.

There can only be one Sam.

Proper negotiating strategy not followed.

Angel stabby thing?

Poked by an Angel

Trickster sidetrack

Who’s bad? Michael Jackson of course.

Heritage podcasting

Fox (kind of) remembers Slings & Arrows (The Ghostlight Podcast)

Controlling for bias.

Thoughts on various Hitchcock films, except one. Guess which?

Nutty mildly spoils the very beginning of Season 7

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