IdjitCast Season Six Episode Eleven “Appointment in Samarra”

This week, a deal with Death. That can’t be a good thing, can it? Sam sure doesn’t think so, at least not with his battered and tenuously partitioned soul as the stakes.

We discuss “Appointment in Samarra” and if you listen to the episode, you might hear:

On the beer, this one’s more like breakfast!

Paul drops the obvious Beatles reference.

Friendly Freddy, a.k.a. the guy from “V.”

Lost, next to Moose.

Yes, I said “chit.”

Wasn’t Angelus better?

But which is better, Sam or Soulless Sam?

Dead Like Dean

Maybe on a Post-It?

We love Supern… each other!

Still threatening Wonderfalls and Dead Like Me Podcasts

Hiatus with the Wonderfellows? (Call me Smooshface)

Meanwhile, the carpets…

Like a sofa set fire and burned to ash.

The TV has gone…

Curb couch Madness.

Try not to bleed on it.

Coneys have gone, at least on Superior Street.

William Sadler vs Julian Richings

Like every South Park episode, “I learned something today…” Plus, they killed Kenny

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