IdjitCast Season Six, Cluster F!

Let’s get rid of some more characters, shall we? Don’t worry, our podcast hosts are sticking around, but it seems to this newbie they are wiping the Season 6 slate clean the last few episodes, and this cluster does a bit more.

***Spoiler Alert*** This podcast offers some detailed remembrances of Season 4 of Angel. If you are keeping up with Redemptioncast as a Newbie, this is probably an episode to avoid…

Carol re-joins us this week, and we discuss 6×20 The Man Who Would Be King and 6×21 Let it Bleed.

We also get into:

Stinky dogs.

(Still unpaid)

A fiery stare.


All the sticky floor, none of the top-rate cinema.


Um, not exactly…

Would I lie to you? Well, yeah.


Put the puppet hand up your…


Return of the Smurf

The Angel part

Distraction and boredom.

Paul ignores people, or got unplugged.

Call of Missy-thulu

Nerd-bash confusion

Separating art from artist. For some reason.

Parachuting mice?

Happy Meals with… nope, that was someone else.

Ghibli, I believe.

Nutty is in The Good Place, I guess.

Make Bobby a Kenny.

Mothers and demons.

Who was Bella?

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