IdjitCast Season Six, Cluster D!

This is Season Six, as you know, and we are clustering episodes in the interest of expediting a few… less-than-stellar episodes. Sure, “Bugs” wasn’t all that great in Season One, but this… this is Cluster D: 6×12 Like A Virgin, 6×13 Unforgiven, and 6×14 Mannequin 3: The Reckoning.

Cluster D has things happen, and you could also hear:

Where is the Moose, and what does the… no, Fox will kill me if I go there.

John is smooth.

Darcy is not a banana fan.

Waiting for the man. The repair-man.

Why can’t Darcy have her vampire?

Pretty average.

Again with the vampire?

Memorable episode?

A black and white bunny, no doubt.

Um, wrong Unforgiven.

Rose, you say? Hmm, what a coincidence…

Darcy doesn’t remember the Jersey Shore thing.

Doug, ladies and gentlemen.

If we were doing whole episodes for these, we’d be referencing Grantchester, like Darcy just did.

And Doug, Reprise.

Krusty makes an appearance as well.

No, they actually get longer.


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