IdjitCast Season Seven Episode Twenty-Three “Survival of the Fittest”

Time to wrap up Season 7, and somewhat the end of an era on IdjitCast. Be sure to listen all the way until the music.

We get to the bottom of the episode, but also take time for:

Paul flirts with his wife.

Mardi Gras has transitioned to Fish Fry Season.

Re: Lazy, see: release date.

Mythbusters were good at car crashes.

You may not be able to trust the King of Hell.

Sincerely, Donald Duck

Sincerely, Fergus Duck

Nine per inch.


See it come out of him, insist if you must.


Red Vines vs Twizzlers, to the death, perhaps? (BuzzFeed alert)

Cas thinks ahead… and he cures.

Checkin’ Out the Checkout Girl?

No Sofa!?!

Nothing living in our couch.

“I am the arm.” Betcha didn’t expect that reference. “KEATON!” Or that.

It’s safe. Wrapped in plastic.

The crucial Polly Pin.

Nondairy creamer culling. (And that stuff is explosive too.)

Compliance testing

So, like a Wagyu guy?

We’re down with the Dick plan.

You were tiny.

Spotted Dick tangent, because we’re Americans. And emotionally 12.

Tinned Dicks.

That’s a lot of Dicks.

“Isn’t that a member of service staff from a hotel we stayed at last week?”

Supernatural poof taxiing. Not that sort of poof.

And Bobby was never seen again. Right?

Pulsating exploding Dick.  Just let me get this out of my system…

Happy upcoming Birthday, Simone!

Still Doug-ing

Come sign up for an episode or two!

Nope, just ep 1.

Staff changes between Season Seven and Eight. An Announcement.

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