IdjitCast Season One Episode Twenty “Dead Man’s Blood”

In a Colorado town, a Hunter is killed by vampires, and when the news gets to them all three Winchester men arrive to deal with the aftermath. When John receives a posthumous letter, the mission takes on dire importance. Seems a magical Colt revolver has been stolen, a superweapon which will kill any supernatural being with a single shot. Mopping up the nest brings them closer, and now John and the boys are united. They are now on the hunt for the demon that caused their family so much heartache, with a weapon that can actually finish it off.

Carol from McKinleyCast returns to guest this week. Check out the art on this blog post or the Facebook group to see confirmation that the Colt is in fact a 5-shooter, with no extra bullets. That’s one down, four to go.

Listen along as:

Yvette gets her vampires.

We discuss SPN vampires and deviations from the “usual rules.”

We dispense potentially vital advice:Don’t put a skylight in your saferoom.

We decide JW is probably not Joss Whedon.

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