IdjitCast Season Four Episode Twenty-Two “Lucifer Rising”

The apocalypse is coming, Lucifer could be unleashed at any minute, so of course the angels have a special plan for Dean. They take him to a magic room and lock him up so he is powerless to stop it.  Of course!

Matt A joins us for discussion of the Season 4 finale “Lucifer Rising!”

Listen to the episode and you might hear:

Bad wigs and funny accents.

Paul claims the Robin Burdge slot on the show.

Every TV movie stars Kellie Martin.

Betty’s Pies is awesome.

We must lie in our beds ten years.

The harps and cheeseburgers of heaven as have been foretold.

Mulder’s genie?

Paul recalls all the way back to Phantom Traveller

Drink something? Really?

Jimmy has a Jimmy

Something about Dumbo

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