IdjitCast Season Four Episode Twelve “Criss Angel is a Douchebag”

Oh Brad, I’m mad- Wait that’s not it. It’s magic time, and no not the ten minutes of Magic Fingers back at the motel. The magicians are aging, and the upstarts are douchebags. When a particularly depressed performer decides to end it all spectacularly in a “failed” performance he suddenly finds he can’t die, resulting in inexplicable magic escapes. When the deaths begin to transfer to other rival performers, Sam & Dean take note and come to put things right.

This week, if you listen to the episode, you’ll get magical nuggets discussing:

Have an In-N-Out burger, or some Popeye’s, but skip the rest of fast food.

Douchebaggery confirmed.

We endorse both Spin City and Rocky Horror.

But not the Rocky Horror episode of Glee, apparently.

Fletch, yes, Fletch Lives, god no.

It is cool to die… like that at least.

The glittering Sioux City Strip.

Sol Bloom composed that tune.

Just what is Dom etiquette?

Oh dear, corsets.

Paul might not rate a snack, but it sounds like he is getting ready to.

I don’t think it deserves comparison to “I Robot You Jane…”

Touch-a touch-a touch-a touch me.

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