IdjitCast Season Four Episode Seventeen “It’s a Terrible Life”

You get up, have a smoothie, drive to work listening to NPR, get to the office, sit behind a desk, push papers all day. Or maybe you work in a tech support call center, answering call after call about checking cable connections or rebooting computers. And yet, if you are Dean Smith and Sam Wesson, something nags at the back of your brains, something you should be doing, a purpose, a mission. All you need to do is want the mission. Can Dean and Sam figure out what to do to get back to their lives, using their wits and some handy hunting tips from the GhostFacers? Or will they be stuck in cubicle hell forever?

This week, Nutty rejoins the crew for a full-featured discussion of the episode “It’s a Terrible Life.” Listen along and you may hear:

American Psycho Dean

“Besmirched” by Polo

Sobbing at spreadsheets?

“Your head’s kinda like part of a turkey.” -Darcy

Why in the world would Paul mix up John Cleese with Dabney Coleman???

Dubble Blubble?

Fingers in puppets.

Creepy baby teeth.

Canadian heroin

Guns tangent.

Flee the nicotine-yellow polar bears

Historic bisections

Flexing… muscles…

Quote Pocket Holes

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