IdjitCast Season Four Episode Nineteen “Jump the Shark”

This week, the boys have a brother. Well a half-brother. Well a half-brother and the guy on screen isn’t even him, so… Yeah a dead half-brother. And it sounds like it activated the brains of a segment of the fan base in some way.

Aaron joins us this week to figure this all out.

Listen and you may hear:

Hands off all balls during this podcast!

Spoiled? A bit, I guess.

Which 6 are the last 6?

Gonna do it in the new bedroom?

Dapper John chimes in.

Paul takes a jab at Little House on the Prairie.

Hard out there for a ghoul.

“I would never put your child in a vent.”

“Okay, in real life grave robbery is pretty gross, I mean that’s not a cool thing to do…”

Wacky funeral tangent.

No-one’s gonna eat your eyes.

Off like a bad limberger.

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