IdjitCast Season Four Episode Nine “I Know What You Did Last Summer”

This week we learn that Sam got it on with Ruby, and when he did, he was doing it with a dead body possessed by Ruby, and not also with an innocent victim looking on from inside the body’s brain.  Because that is mildly less icky. Sort of.

This week, “I Know What You Did Last Summer.” It was the above, apparently. Also, a girl can hear the angels talking, Hell wants her, and Heaven wants to kill her. Listen as we puzzle it all out, sometimes in great detail, you might hear things like:

Kitty might take herself out after seeing crappy rushed Photoshop work.

Counting Crows Black Crowes


Paul successfully avoids spoiling the Buffy finale, if you haven’t seen it yet…

Many truckers are really cool people.

A Lecter accent.

Welcome to ExistentialCast

Yeah, well Sam put some essence in there…

We didn’t really need to see Ruby waiting for discharge from the hospital, did we?

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