IdjitCast Season Four Episode Fourteen “Sex and Violence”

This week, Dean is into a new FBI agent who is almost like a brother Dean can really relate to as compared to bookish, secret-keeping Sam. Meanwhile, Sam is into a Medical Examiner who keeps liquor in her desk and has sex on her desk. One of these two new characters is in fact a dangerous siren, looking to get one of the brothers inspired with enough jealousy to kill the other.

Listen as we discuss the episode “Sex and Violence,” and you might hear:

Kicking off with veterinary woes, and right into a Buffy reference.

A little more housing news before we are into the episode proper.

Chekov’s meat tenderizer.

Bedford British Columbia.

Small town strip clubs, got them near you?

More like a shot of wheat ass, if you get my drift.

No honey in your average honeywagon. Gross name for anyplace, especially a strip joint.

Paul missed by about 100 years:

Paul thinks he’s so smart, but he fell for a red herring.

Not necessarily a long length…

Love in a fishbowl.

Sha la la la la la…

Yeah, but that’s Dean.

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