IdjitCast Season Four Episode Eleven “Family Remains”

This week incest is the worst, but then we could have told you that ahead of time.

For some reason we were on our own with no guest host this week. I guess this episode bugs people. Odd, why would I say it “bugs” people?

Listen to the episode and you may hear:

A quick thought on the prior episode allows Paul a Buffy reference. (Shocking!)

X Files “Home” connects in more than one way.

Worse than being your own grandpa?

That was Helen Slater? Really?

Fun with Belgians.

Rollerball remake, yep that was it.

Shopping mall, renaissance festival. You know, one of those.

You don’t need to know what “Human Centipede” was.

“Yeah, those bulbs are all burnt out.”

I know how to say lath.

Creepy porn towel.

The sigh that speaks volumes.

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