IdjitCast Season Five Episode Two “Good God, Y’all”

This week, the boys fight a meaningless war alongside some familiar faces from their past. What is particularly puzzling is how there are tons of demons in the town, or perhaps none at all, prompting them to ask of this war, “what is it good for?”

John wasn’t on this week, as he was off with the Redemptioncast recording for “Loyalty.”

However, this week we are joined once more by good friend of the show Carol, and if you listen along you may hear tell of:

President McKinley is dead.

Technical difficulties, please stand by…

The title was too smart for us.

I just know that something good is going to happen.

Running on crazy… and rum.

Yeah, probably not the last time we reference “Dogma.”

Captain Fuller-X

Where is that bell?

Multiple everythings

All Zales are in hell.

“I want a horsewoman…”

That’s a camper topper to get killed in the back of.

Ah, yes, calling characters by other roles’ names…

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