IdjitCast Season Five Episode Twenty “The Devil You Know”

The boys are trying to find Pestilence, and Crowley may have a way to help them, on a little side mission at a pharmaceutical corporation. Crowley also wants to borrow something rather important from Bobby.

Annie has returned, but Yvette is not available. We discuss “The Devil You Know,” if you listen you will hear much relevant to your interests, but also:

Darcy was warm, for a while.

Relaxed, except the guy with the machine gun.

Cabana boys, really?

Super calm animals.

Darcy has an issue with Crowley.

John has an issue with Glory.

What’s a “pay phone?”

Lucifer digs dog biscuits?



Theoretically. Again.

The bag is the best part.

Stuck in the MUDs.

Evil call-waiting pranks.

That’s weeding, not Whedon.

No, Sonora.

Lookin’ over at him like…

Darcy goes full-on Porkins for no apparent reason.

Rufus-Fuller-Mr. X-English teacher

Darcy goes full-on Charlie Daniels.

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