IdjitCast Season Five Episode Twenty-One “Two Minutes to Midnight”

The boys finally track down Pestilence and avert a massive Croatoan virus catastrophe. Meanwhile, Castiel works with Sam on his plan to become Lucifer’s vessel but regain enough control to re-cage Lucifer. Meanwhile, Dean has a meeting with Death, but not in the usual way.

We are back at full strength (Yvette is back on the ice after 5 minutes for fighting). Carol joins us as well as we discuss “Two Minutes to Midnight,” and other topics which may include:

A plane and then a bus.

Becky with the good hair.

Who cleans the rings?

Why the legs?

Someone ate some synonym toast for breakfast.

Cartoon Matt.

Horrible body products.

Mmm, pizza.

BBQ battle?

Chili memories.

Chekhov’s C4.

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