IdjitCast Season Five Episode Twelve “Swap Meat”

Some misguided teens summon demons for fun until they get the idea to act as bounty hunters for Hell, using Sam’s body to get close to, then kill Dean.

Matt A. returns to go over this episode, and if you pay attention, you’ll catch talk of:

Bad improv.

Casting rabbit hole.

Ou est le Castiel?

Neat trick, if you can pull it off.

I don’t always drink alcohol, but…

The patriarchy! …wait, what podcast is this?

Coming next from the makers of IdjitCast, the CocktailCast!

A mirror you say?

Hanged/hung, they aren’t the same.

Chicken Stampede reference.

Hey there, StudButton…

Gary the Cat, the wonderful wonderful Cat.

Take off, to the Great White North

When was the last time you’ve seen a moose taken down?

No orange tip for this guy

Still with the shots

You can never watch too much Ghostbusters

Gary just wanted bread.

Big duffels are big.

Don’t be a bounty hunter.

I can’t say.

No I can’t

I can’t say

It’s all fun and games until Trevor’s parents come home and find him dead in the basement with a hand-shaped hole in his chest.

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