IdjitCast Season Five Episode Three “Free to be You and Me”

You can go your own way, no wait, that’s a different song. The boys are on their own. Sam tries to start a new life, but his old life tries to jump back down his throat. Meanwhile, Dean and Cas are the new super team, trying to find God.

Be sure to listen after the show, before the credits, to the promo for former Newbie David Bushman’s new show “Big Bad Buffy Interviews!”

Nutty joins us this week to discuss “Free to Be You and Me,” and if you listen you may take note of:

Lots of good coming this season.

We aren’t about to start GravelingCast, but someone ought.

All you millions, come along with us, because we are a “thing.”

The hollow winds of the spoiler group sing to a select few.

William wants a doll, but Sam does not.

Iris kicks off a tangent about our old drunken carrot and potato-eating dog, and the greyhound who did the fine washables.

We only kind of know classic rock.

A little baseball talk.

Some vampires, here and there, if you recall.

He totes got smote.

That’s not how crosswords work.

That’s not how darts work.

Joey Pants.

No mudder’s milk for me thanks.

Aaand back to Dogma again.

From donkey porn to the BBC. No tangent bell in sight.

Reverse the genders and it is even more wrong.

Bad reflexes, Raphael.

A sorcerer, some call him…

Knight Rider, you say? Yep a pretty good show back in the day.

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