IdjitCast Season Five Episode Ten “Abandon All Hope”

This week, Lucifer wants to raise Death, and a new figure, Crowley gives the Winchesters back the Colt so that they might finish Lucifer off once and for all.

Just our core Idjits this week, listen along and you may hear:

The first step is admitting you’re having a Christmas.

Iris takes matters into her own hands.

I… really wanna talk about Greek theater.

Fast & Furious Duluth Drift.

…have the hellhounds arrived? Already?

Annd, yeah, this was recorded mid-December, so that sudden Alan Thicke news…

Death took Alan Thicke, and Darcy took ten stuffies.

What is it like to be tired?

No Uber in Duluth


I made a killer Thomas Aquinas joke the other night…

Nothing can kill the Grimace.

There are at least two or three more seasons, so…

Nathan Lane as the spirit of Death

Carel Struyken is not dead, as of this writing.

No, Iris didn’t watch the episode.

Darcy’s nickname as a child… You’ll have to listen.

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