IdjitCast Season Five Episode Seven “The Curious Case of Dean Winchester”

Poker ain’t always Dean’s game, evidently. He plays for years of life, and loses big time. Curiously, considering the title, he gets old.

Now you can listen to us as we discuss “The Curious Case of Dean Winchester. We will talk all about the episode, and you may hear:

The kitty does not go “woof.”

Yvette does not go “DRUMS!”

Some of Paul’s RAM is fried.

Free Button.

Got ink?

Paul almost makes a Buffy reference, but is interrupted.

Some bribes are too subtle, apparently.

Ginger Snaps is to Supernatural as DaVinci’s Inquest is to X Files

Poker history.

Knees and Backs, ouch.

Paul is like Hamlet.

Flush your DNA down the toity.

My god, what is Paul reading here?

Nice boobs and slim ass.

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